The Environmental Assessment is available as a number of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
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Table of Contents PDF (34 KB)
Title and Signature Pages PDF (354 KB)
Chapter 1.0 Purpose and Need PDF (1.1 MB)
Chapter 2.0 Alternatives Considered PDF (753 KB)
Proposed Action - Figure 2.5 PDF (1.45 MB)
Chapter 3.0 Affected Environment, Impacts, and Mitigation - Introduction PDF (531 KB)
Chapter 3.01 Traffic Noise PDF (979 KB)
Chapter 3.02 Relocations and Acquisitions PDF (417 KB)
Chapter 3.03 Environmental Justice PDF (261 KB)
Chapter 3.04 Construction Impacts PDF (87 KB)
Chapter 3.05 Water Resources and Issues PDF (478 KB)
Chapter 3.06 Riparian Ecosystem Wildlife PDF (62 KB)
Chapter 3.07 Prairie Ecosystem Wildlife PDF (82 KB)
Chapter 3.08 Noxious and Invasive Plant Species PDF (48 KB)
Chapter 3.09 Recreational Trails and Natural Areas PDF (338 KB)
Chapter 3.10 Air Quality PDF (69 KB)
Chapter 3.11 Other Resources PDF (101 KB)
Chapter 4.0 Summary of Direct, Indirect, & Cumulative Impacts / Mitigation PDF (259 KB)
Chapter 5.0 Public Involvement and Project Coordination PDF (565 KB)
Chapter 6.0 Wetland Finding PDF (3.37 MB)
Chapter 7.0 Native American Consultation PDF (78 KB)
Chapter 8.0 References PDF (76 KB)
Chapter 9.0 Agency Correspondence PDF (1.23 MB)
Chapter 10.0 Additional Air Quality Information PDF (166 KB)
Index PDF (56 KB)

Together, the Environmental Assessment and the Woodmen Road Finding
of No Significant Impact (FONSI) provide the documentation necessary to
complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)environmental process.

View the FONSI.