A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been issued for the Woodmen Road Corridor Improvements from Interstate 25 to U.S. Highway 24. The FONSI is available as a number of Adobe Acrobat PDF files listed below. Click the appropriate link to open the associated file.

Signature Page PDF (16 KB)
Table of Contents and Statute of Limitations PDF (18 KB)
1-Introduction PDF (18 KB)
2-Description of Proposed Action PDF (576 KB)
3-Review Process PDF (27 KB)
4-Response to Agency Comments PDF (99 KB)
5-Response to Public Comments PDF (127 KB)
6-Response to Letter from Attorneys PDF (3.15 MB)
7-Changes and Clarifications PDF (1.75 MB)
8-Finding of No Significant Impact PDF (14 KB)
9-Appendix A: Public Comments Received PDF (979 KB)
10-Appendix B: Resolutions of Support PDF (829 KB)

Together, the Woodmen Road FONSI and the Environmental Assessment provide the documentation necessary to complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental process.

View the Environmental Assessment Document.