Traffic on Woodmen Road at Stinson


The City of Colorado Springs, working with the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority, is moving forward with Phase 2 of the Woodmen Road Corridor Improvement Project. Phase 2 begins where Phase 1 ended and will include the remaining City portion of Woodmen Road from Stinson Drive to Powers Boulevard. Improvements to Woodmen Road will provide three continuous lanes in each direction from Stinson Drive to Powers Boulevard.

The roadway section from the end of Phase 1 east to Lexington Drive will include roadway widening, medians, turn lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and landscaping. Since Woodmen Road is already six lanes from Lexington Drive east to Powers Boulevard, the main focus will be on providing additional turn lanes at intersections, bike lanes, sidewalks, and landscape features.

Traffic noise mitigation will be re-evaluated using the new CDOT and FHWA guidelines and Woodmen Road Pilot Program Noise Criteria during the preliminary design stage of Phase 2. Additionally, sustainable design features will address water quality, and incorporation of the aesthetic theme developed in Phase 1 will be integral in the design process.

Because of funding availability, Phase 2 will be broken into multiple construction packages. Phase 2A will be the first construction package stretching from the end of Phase 1 to Lexington. The goal of Phase 2A is to address capacity needs and complete Woodmen Road as a 6-lane facility. Phase 2B will improve Woodmen Road between Lexington Drive and Powers Boulevard. Since this segment already provides three through travel lanes in each direction, improvements will involve construction of sidewalks and bike lanes to match Phases 1 and 2A.

The design of Phase 2A is complete. Construction is planned to begin in 2015, but a contractor has not been selected yet. The highlight of this phase is construction of a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) at the intersection of Woodmen Road and Union Boulevard. This new intersection and the addition of a third through lane in each direction on Woodmen are expected to alleviate traffic congestion through the foreseeable future. Phase 3, a grade-separated interchange at Woodmen and Union, would be considered for construction if/when traffic congestion returns to unacceptable levels.

Phase 2A will involve the construction of two new residential streets to service Gail Place, Ruth Place, Cindy Place, and residential driveways that currently connect directly to Woodmen. The intent is to separate slower-moving residential traffic from through traffic on Woodmen to increase traffic capacity on Woodmen and safety for all roadway users.

Three public meetings have been conducted during the design phase of Phase 2. No additional public meetings are anticipated until a construction contractor is selected.

The project has recently begun the right-of-way acquisition process. The City will meet with affected property owners on an individual basis to discuss potential impacts to their property.